Terms & Conditions

Thank you for attending an event at The Zephyr Theatre. The following Terms & Conditions apply to all performances at The Zephyr Theatre:

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability

Patrons acknowledge releasing liability of The Zephyr Theatre.

Assumption of Risk for COVID-19

Patrons recognize and acknowledge the risks associated with visiting the theatre.

Cameras/other devices: 

To comply with copyright laws and union regulations, and contract restrictions, the use of cameras, recording equipment and mobile devices is strictly prohibited during performances. Photos of the set before or after the performance, or during intermission are permissible.

Disruptive patrons: 

Theatre staff reserves the right to escort disruptive patrons from the premises at any time.


Please make sure your electronic devices are silenced while at the theatre.

Late arrivals: 

We will attempt to accommodate our late arriving guests with seating at an appropriate break in the performance.

Reserved seating adjustments: 

Please note that we may shift the location of your seat(s) to maximize capacity and avoid vacant seats.


Please note that programs and events are subject to change. Purchase of tickets from The Zephyr Theatre constitutes acceptance of all terms.