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Tale of the Times – Michael DeMeglio

3/28/2020 It all happened one evening before bedtime, after the entire day was spun around toilet paper (no pun intended) I as an artist was brainstorming ideas in my head on documenting historical artifacts through painting. After much news about empty shelves and people over buying toilet paper, I knew I wanted to do something related to that event. It wasn’t until brushed my teeth and saw to my left three toilet paper stacked up on the counter. I immediately thought to myself, when models are quarantine, one must improvise! This led me into my studio (home studio) and quickly I painted on 11”x14” canvas the exact set up I memorized in the bathroom. I did this to make my Wife laugh and I have a tendency to make her laugh every night before bed and it worked! I showed it to her and she cracked up! We talked about it and started thinking about how someone may purchase it, but why not in this time of crisis make it sell for a donation towards Senior Care packages. Where myself and the kids gather materials with the fund and make it a family affair. I ran with the idea and posted it on Instagram @demeglioart and sure got a lot of traction. People shared on Facebook and that’s when I got a private message from a client in Maryland. He reached out saying this was the best thing he’s seen all day. He continued to say that while the donation was $100.00 (for the painting) he wants to contribute $250.00. That made my week! I was so moved that someone loved the idea and was willing to take it a step further. The entire family and I went on the shopping spree and took care of the supplies and bagged them up individually. My daughter Lily took the extra step in her contribution by making a great deal of small sunshine artworks to be included. We delivered the painting to Echo Ridge retirement community in Oakdale. The folks there were just blown away with the generosity we did and sure made life uplifting during this epidemic. I have the story on @demeglioart on Instagram and www.demeglioart.com If you need photos feel free to reach out! Thank you!! ~ Michael DeMeglio

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