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Tales of the Times

Tales of the Times – Martin Weber


Fluid Core
(a poem of hope and belief in humans, even in darkest of times)

Unprecedented and Unthinkable,
we have used these words before.
Shells of dreamers, thinkers, servants, artists,
mothers, sons, fathers, daughters,
reformist politician,
doctor finding a cure,
saint gone before anointment,
sinner returning home.

Hate and Fear spread their fame
in the drum of the news cycle.
We don’t know,
or don’t care.
Either one brings somber thoughts.
Normal and Change fight for space.
But Normal sings of swans
as it fades away.

A child of the dreamer dreams of tomorrow.
Inspired to resist Fear and the Unknown,
to recall what we learned,
to light the Desire,
and spread fire to what we value most,
to take one thing and make it better.

Let the thinkers,
and the servants,
and the artists believe
that they can think,
they can serve,
they can create the light,
banish darkness from our hearts.
For we may change,
but we survive and cannot be torn apart;
it is who We are.

~Martin Weber

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