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Tale of the Times – Gigi Zawislak


This year I am an eighth grader, it’s my last year at a private school I go to.

I had been homeschooled for two years, but then to return to school for the last year of my middle school era. Everyone there looked and acted so different than I remembered, having changed whilst I was gone. My classmates were glad to have me back, and I was happy to see them again. Months went by and soon it was early March. We’ve heard of the coronavirus but never thought much of it, to be honest we made jokes about how it was gonna kill us and how the end of the world was near. Well, little we knew that the virus would tear us apart from each other. The day before spring break was the last time I ever saw my friends before the quarantine. I took this day for granted. I spent my Friday going about my classes and occasionally chatting with my friends, and then went home, just as any other day. Before I knew it spring break was over and I was getting ready to go back to school. I was getting my backpack ready for Monday, when one of my classmates texted me telling school was cancled for two days. I was really happy cause I didn’t really like school, and had more spring break now! Well, those two days turned into 5 days, then a week, then 2 weeks…..then almost more than a month. School is now cancled unto May 4th, though a have no hope in that. I believe we will never go back to the eighth grade classroom again, never need to put on a uniform to ensure school policy, never have to personally hand in homework. Never need to wait in the cafeteria line, never get the chance to hug a friend again. Things aren’t normal, now. Can’t see anyone but your immediate family, can’t go out to eat to celebrate your daughter or sons sport victory, can’t hang out with your friends just because you want to, can’t do the things you love-like theater. All this time I took for granted…..all these things I did..I took for granted! Now all I can do is write this, sitting no on my bed, hoping this will give me something to talk about with my family.. rather than what the latest assignment is on online school that will take me 3 hours to finish. But, not like I have anything to do other wise.

This quarantine is a nasty bite
With all this fricken sickness gone round it just isn’t right
I MISS my friends
Soon wishing this would end
So my days would once again be bright.
And how I HATE the learning screen
I feel as schools being mean
Because I really am quite social
And no.. I’m not being boastful
I just wish my learning wasn’t through a machine.

Sometimes I cry, dreaming I am in another world
Where none of this happens
A world where I can fly
A world where I can see my loved ones
A world where I have no school
A world where I can perform
A world where I dont weep
A world where I can JUST rest in peace.

~  Gigi Zawislak

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