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Tale of the Times – Johnny Malone (John) Schleder


My heart goes out to those suffering with Covid-19.

This however provides a humorous take on family quarantine.

A Quarantine Diddy
By Johnny Malone

Since Covid-19,
They called quarantine,
And me boss said, “You may work from home.”

So I took up ‘er dare,
Grabbed a broken down chair,
And I laid out me old cordless phone,

The dog began to bark,
Me wife started to snark,
And me teen proceeded to curse,

So I gulped down a drink,
And started to think,
This “work from home” couldn’t get worse,

Then I started to scream,
I was meeting the team,
Right then on a video call,

The dog, teen, and wife,
Ran for their life,
Out of me dark dingy hall,

With no time to check,
I said “What the heck!”
Logged in and took me a chance,

Me hair had a sheen,
The shirt sure was clean,
But alas, I’d forgotten me pants.

~Johnny Malone

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