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Tale of the Times – Gordy Kircher


Starting mid March when all the Covid closings and fears started Volunteering dropped dramatically because many people had underlying conditions… so I decided to step up my volunteering efforts at both the Zephyr Theater and the Red Cross. At the theater I helped with anything, bar tending, setting up and tearing down chairs at concerts, taking tickets, helping at the Halloween events, etc.

At the Red Cross I am a volunteer Donor Ambassador which means I register blood donors at blood drives. I ended up volunteering at 128 blood drives for the year about 800 hours in total. What surprised me about donations during this time is many people came forward who hadn’t ever donated before or who hadn’t donated for many, many years. At first people were very nervous coming in and exposing themselves but over the months they got more comfortable with all the precautions and sanitizing and because of the extreme need for blood they keep coming. My goal during this was to educate as many donors as I could about the need for blood donations as only about 3% of Americans donate, that is only about 7 million people but with blood transfusions 5 million lives are saved every year.

~Gordy Kircher

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