Get Involved!


This simple statement is more than an objective. It is a way to measure ourselves, and the impact we have on those we engage with.  We strive to bring joy and a sense of connectedness to everyone.  Whether you’re walking down main street and hear carolers singing in the distance, or see a soliloquy from William Shakespeare from our main stage, we deliver impactful memories that bring our community together. When we deliver a sense of connection and place, we want you to be a part of what we are doing.  Below are just a few ways to get involved.

“Strong reasons make strong actions.”
King John – William Shakespeare

Sustaining Membership provides continuing support to The Zephyr Theatre via an automatic monthly donation. Membership includes discounts on tickets, invitations to special events, and a meaningful connection to The Zephyr Theatre’s success.

Gift certificates can make someone’s future bright!  Invite that special someone you love to attend an event without worry! Know that everything is taken care of and they will think of you each time they remember the fun they had at the theatre. A gift certificate expresses your thoughtfulness and your love of the arts at the same time.

Our foundation is built literally one brick (or paver or tile) at a time.  If you want to commemorate a loved one with a special message, do so by engraving a commemorative stone and help pave the way to a strong community.

Strong communities are built when the alliances between citizens and businesses flourish.  We understand that business is more than transactional, it is relational. When businesses collaborate to find solutions to common goals, alliances are born and community grows.  We can showcase your business within the greater community with our event coordination, production expertise, talent, and network.  Let us show you how we can grow your business.

We thrive on the relationships we have built, and depend on the generosity of the community in which we live. Every dollar of your donation goes directly to bringing theatre, art, music, and education to the community.

Whether you have special skills or not, we can use your help.  If you’re handy with a broom, a hammer, scissors, or a paintbrush, we always have jobs to be done. If you love working alone, or working with others, we have a place for you.  Sign up to be a volunteer!  In addition to being a tonne of fun, volunteering is incredibly rewarding!